What to Expect During Your Dog Holiday in Cambridgeshire

MealtimesDog Holiday

At MeowBowWow Day we have a variety of different foods to meet all tastes, from traditional kibble/ biscuits and cooked meat/ fish to raw and vegetables.

MeowBowWow dog holiday guests enjoy two meals a day (more for puppies) from food bowls on raised stands.

Everyone loves a treat now and again so let us know if your dog has any allergies or is trying to slim down!


Dog Holiday ExerciseDogs are healthy and happy when they can enjoy lots of running and playing.

At MeowBowWow Day and Boarding Kennels in Ely, dogs run off-lead and are able to play freely in the one acre of grounds 4/ 5 times daily to allow them to enjoy their dog holiday.

Our secure fencing means breeds that might otherwise be unable to enjoy the open, but often busy spaces of parks (greyhounds, that means you!) can bounce and sprint to their heart’s content.

That said, exercise is tailored to each dog’s requirements and abilities and should your dog be better walked on lead, without ball play or for a shorter period of time, that’s okay too!  MeowBowWow take care not to over-exercise puppies.

During your dog holiday with safety being of paramount importance, all dogs are exercised individually or with their family.


Dog Holiday Medication MeowBowWow Day and Boarding Kennels in Ely take great care (and are very experienced) in administering medication, this comes at no extra charge.


MeowBowWow’s trusted vet is situated only ten minutes drive away.





All inclusive of food, heating, bedding, exercise and giving of any medication.

Daily one dog £20 (overnight stay)

Additional dogs sharing same room £13


If you have more question then please get in touch by using our Contact Page