Dog Day CareDog day care In and Out on the same day 07:00 – 19:00.

Day boarding, or dog day care, is the perfect alternative to leaving your best mate home alone whilst you have a day out with a friend.  There are times when we do have to be out for several hours and neither asking a neighbour to pop in or entrusting them to the care of a dog walker are good options.

Day boarding and day care are different concepts.  Doggie day care is only suitable for very social dogs that get on well together whereas day boarding gives each dog its own room with bed and outside run.

Each dog gets individual attention and comes out with us to play or just have a quiet walk 4/5 times in our one acre of double gated, securely fenced and floodlit grounds.

No worries about your dog running off if the front door is left ajar or whilst being walked somewhere out in the open.

We believe this is a safer option for all dogs without the possibility of doggy squabbles.

It is a much happier environment for less confident and elderly dogs and especially for those who are not keen on other canines.


£13.00 per dog

£50.00 per dog for 5 consecutive days (Monday – Friday)

Once again, visitors are always welcome, if you visit between 12:00 and 14:30, your treasured tail wagger(s) can enjoy a run and a play in the grounds at our kennels in Cambridge.

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