About Us

Philip and I came to Little Downham from Newmarket in 2000 fulfilling our dream of working full time with dogs and cats.  They have always been an important part of our lives and we have loved many from a tiny Yorkshire terrier tour German shepherd rescues we bought back from Spain and all sizes in between.  We have also had some beautiful feline friends, and living in the countryside of Cambridgeshire there are always some about who appear to be living feral lives, but nonetheless in bad snowy weather appreciate a meal being left for them.

Recently we were adopted by a chicken that took up residence in our front garden.  This entailed a quick learning curve for us and the purchase of some new chicken feeders.  Basically at Meow Bow Wow if you have fur or feathers we love you.

As a hobby I have done agility, obedience, flyball and tracking with my dogs all super fun for us both and great physical and mental stimulation for the dogs.  This also involves learning and understanding behavioural and training methods.  In 2012 my super doggie partner and I represented GB at the World Championships.

Philip has a heart of gold with all those that we are privileged to come stay with us, we appreciate fully the trust this involves, and this shone through the day he saw an elderly cat finding it a bit difficult to go from one level in the penthouse suite cabin to the other.  By the end of the week he had made staircases for all cabins.

Meow Bow Wow is located in Little Downham just outside Ely between Littleport and Soham.  We are within easy reach of the A142, A10, A11, A14 and the M11 but our guests come from much further afield – Cambridge, Burwell, Wisbech, Manea and all the villages in between.  We are in easy reach of the counties of Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire, Hertfordshire, Norfolk, Suffolk, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex and Northamptonshire.

So we have a lot of joy and love for all that come and stay with us, no academic certificates but bags of experience.

So please come and view whether you are after day care or longer we would love to meet you.